Herman Miller Mirra vs Aeron

Comfort & Ergonomics

Comfort & Ergonomics Herman Miller Aeron Herman Miller Mirra 2
Custom Fit Choose the right size (small, medium, or large) One size fits all, molds to fit your shape
Seat Adjustability Fixed seat depth, need to choose the right size Adjustable seat depth and height
Seat Material 8Z Pellicle polymer mesh, light, airy, and soft to touch, with upward bending side bolsters Rigid mesh seat that adapts well to the sitter’s movement
Comfort Some users feel like floating in the air on the Aeron’s seat, but side bolsters may cause issues for certain users Mirra 2’s seat feels slightly more rigid but adapts well to the sitter’s movement
Lumbar Support Adjustable PostureFit SL (recommended for superior lumbar support) Adjustable lumbar support (good for back protection)
Breathability Mesh back for air circulation Mesh back for air circulation, Aeron’s back is slightly softer
Seat Feel Slightly softer
Back Feel Slightly softer

Both chairs offer excellent ergonomics and posture support. Aeron wins by a slight margin, especially with the advanced PostureFit SL configuration.

Configuration Options

Configuration Options Herman Miller Aeron Herman Miller Mirra 2
Color Options Limited (black, graphite, grey) Wide variety (including orange, turquoise)
Chair Size Available in small, medium, large One size fits all
Base and Frame Options Choice of materials Material choice for frame only
Back Material Options 8Z Pellicle polymer mesh TriFlex Polymer or Butterfly Suspension backrest
Back Support Options Basic, adjustable PostureFit SL, or vertically adjustable lumbar support Basic or adjustable lumbar support
Armrest Options Basic, height-adjustable, or 3D Basic or 4D (inward/outward width adjustment)
Seat Adjustability Fixed seat depth based on size Adjustable seat depth and height
Breathability Mesh back for air circulation Mesh back for air circulation, slightly softer feel
Comfort & Ergonomics Superior with advanced PostureFit SL configuration Highly ergonomic and supportive design

Aeron offers size options and multiple back supports, but limited colors. Mirra 2 offers two back material options and 4D armrests, but no size options.

Other Comparison Points

Comparison Points Herman Miller Aeron Herman Miller Mirra 2
Target Audience Suited for board rooms or C-level offices Aimed at people with a more casual work environment, including creatives
Iconic Status Highly iconic and renowned Less iconic, possibly overshadowed by Aeron’s reputation
Design Conservative and functional-looking Younger and more casual feel
Elder model, honed to perfection since early 1990s Released in 2003 as a more affordable chair with adaptable design

Shared Features

Shared Features
Materials Aluminum base, breathable elastomeric and polyester mesh back
Eco-Credentials Use of recycled materials
Weight Capacity Maximum 159kg/350lbs
Warranty 12-year extended warranty
Build Quality Fantastic quality and well-built
Breathability Mesh backs for cool and airy feel
Basic Features Seat height adjustment, standard tilt
Tilt Functions Tilt tension and limiter functions
Armrests Offer basic configuration
Comfort & Ergonomics Designed for posture support and ergonomics