Herman Miller Classic vs Remastered

The Aeron Chair was succeeded by the Remastered version in 2017, leading to the end of Aeron Classic production, but the latter remains a design icon with retained value, and collectors still prefer it; whereas, the Aeron Remastered, with six significant changes, represents a modern leap in ergonomic insights.


Feature Aeron Classic Aeron Remastered
Ergonomic Stability * PostureFit * PostureFit SL
* Lumbal Pad * Lumbal Pad
(Supports back) (Supports sacrum and
Breathability * Pellicle membrane * Improved 8Z Pellicle
(Better temperature
Configurability * Individually * Improved forward tilt
adjustable * Easier tilt tension
height, tilt, adjustment
tilt tension, * More intuitive levers
armrest height, for adjustments
armrest angle
Armrest Comfort * Swivels up, * Additional depth
down, and adjustment
inward/outward * 3D armrests (angle and
height adjustable)
Weight 23 kg Lighter than Classic Aeron
(139 kg max load) (Material savings)
Design Dark graphite color Brighter net material with
a darker grey tint
Price Lower cost Higher cost (doubled) due to longer
(refurbished) warranty (12 years)