Why Can't I Trade Options in Td Ameritrade?

Reasons Why Options Trading Not Available

There are two main reasons why your account cannot be used to buy options.

  1. Unsupported Account Type
    1. Trust accounts
    2. 529 education accounts
    3. Pension plans
  2. Deposits are not cleared

Options and most stocks priced under $5 a share are not able to trade before deposits are cleared.

Check Uncleared Deposits

After confirming that the account type supports the options transaction, you can check the outstanding payment on the website.

How to Check Uncleared Deposits

Click this link

Or find in the navigation bar as below.

My Account > Deposits & Transfers > Activity
  1. Click > Cash available for withdrawal
  2. You’ll see > Uncleared deposits

2020-11-16 at 10.18 am

You can wait until TD Ameritrade clears your deposits.

How Long Does It Take to Clear

According to the feedback from TD Ameritrade customer service, the timetable for receipt is as follows.

Deposits Type Clearance Duration
electronic (ACH) 2-4 business days
Checks 4-5 business days
Wire As soon as they post to your account

If you cannot buy options or other ideal securities immediately after deposit but still afraid of losing time-sensitive opportunities, please work out your investment plan with the timetable above.